5 Ways to Bring Romance to Tiny Living


Whether you live in a mansion or a tiny house, there are thoughtful gestures you can do to help celebrate the magical romance of February the 14th.  Valentines day is just around the corner and whether you have a significant other or not, this day is a great reminder to appreciate all the wonderful people in your life and a great excuse for a bit of self-indulgence and pampering! 


1. Fix up a cozy spot in your house: From turning on the fireplace to taking out your plush Sherpa blankets, it is time to snuggle in and stay warm.  Winter is here and the weather is harsh and cold making you feel chilly all day.  And by the end of a long day, having a warm and cozy place to snuggle down and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa is the perfect way to lift your mood!  Having a partner to snuggle up to in your cozy spot not only makes it super romantic, but it also creates a natural sense of contentment and intimacy.


2. Light some candles: Dim your regular lights in the house at dinner and purchase some candles like these Yankee Romantic Mood scented candles to add a fresh scent to the room and to set a soothing tone for the room.  Not only will it make your house smell wonderful, it will serve as an ambiance for whatever room your place them in.  Whether you plan on spending the night with a partner or alone, these candles are the perfect way to relax and be one with your thoughts.


3. Cook a homemade meal: There is something intimate, relaxing and refreshing to go into your own kitchen and prepare a meal with love.  Not only will you avoid the crowds, couples and over packed restaurants, you can show the ones you love the most how much you care through your food.  Not only will it be way healthier than the restaurant food, but it was made with lots of love and care.  Even preparing a meal for yourself is a great way to unwind and treat yourself to a luxury food you might normally not buy yourself from lobster to that fudge brownie you have been eyeing.



4. Play some music: Create ahead of time a nice playlist that can be played while prepping your dinner and great for some background noise at and after dinner.  Generally choosing relaxing and soothing music would work best for this playlist.  Instrumentally music from the violin, piano and guitar are all great choices that are also great ways to create a relaxing, warm and romantic tone for the rest of the night.


5. Write a love note: Sometimes writing down your thoughts and feelings can allow you to express yourself in a way perhaps you cannot face-to-face.  Not only will this note come from the heart but the message behind it will be very meaningful to whomever you give it to. Writing a note is also a great way to reflect on how thankful you are to have that person in your life.  It does not even have to be a significant other. Do it for your mother, best friend, or even yourself!

3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Bring Romance to Tiny Living

  1. Great advice :)) My husband leaves the house early for work — as in, 4:30 am. And since I’m not usually up at that time, and we don’t always see each other, we leave each other little handwritten notes with a heart or a loving thought, on a colorful index card. I have a special box full of them :)) :)) My sister calls me “The Envy of Every Wife in the West!” And I think it’s true! These notes are a wonderful, lasting treasure :)) Dawn


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