Festively Decorated Tiny Houses


Ready to get in the holiday spirit?  Although going tiny means minimizing your material items, there are always ways to bring touches of Christmas into your tiny home without going overboard.  Here are some creative and beautifully decorated tiny houses that may be small, but found a way to decorate a small space in a large way that encompasses the Christmas spirit. Continue reading “Festively Decorated Tiny Houses”

Tiny House Holiday Traditions


Indulging in holiday traditions from decorating the Christmas tree and making cute gingerbread houses are some long standing traditions that just makes Christmas time feel magical.  Going tiny may be a bit of a change from a much smaller footprint to realizing that a full sized Christmas tree might not be practical to fit in your tiny house.  But never fear, there are still ways to enjoy this holiday season with a little bit of creativity and a lot of fun! Continue reading “Tiny House Holiday Traditions”

Holiday Gift Ideas from Tiny Homeowners


Interested in supporting the tiny house community?  A lot of tiny home owners have their own side businesses to help supplement their income.  If you are looking on the prowl for the perfect gift for you friends and family this holiday season, check out these tiny business owners who handcraft a lot of cool merchandise that is one-of-a-kind and have awesome useful tiny house theme items! Continue reading “Holiday Gift Ideas from Tiny Homeowners”

Tiny House Resort


The holidays are almost upon us and maybe you are not quite sure where you want to spend your days relaxing.  Living it up in a tiny house resort is a unique and exciting opportunity to try out tiny living before you commit or just a new way to experience the holidays.  Either way it is a great getaway for any nature lover and anyone interested in the tiny house movement.

Continue reading “Tiny House Resort”

Personal Tiny Greenhouse


Great news for all those green thumbs out there!  Tiny living is all about thinking outside the box, luckily this tiny house does not disappoint from a personalized green house to a full porch swing, this is perfect for any nature lover who loves to get down in the dirt and wants to enjoy the outside as much as possible.

Continue reading “Personal Tiny Greenhouse”

Finding Parking Space for A Tiny House


The best thing about a tiny house is having the ability to bring your home with you wherever you may go.  This is great for those that have to travel a lot for their jobs, live out of their suitcases or just love to see more of the world!  But as great as mobile tiny houses are to hitch up to the back of your truck and go, often times finding a legal place to park your tiny house can sometimes be a big problem. Continue reading “Finding Parking Space for A Tiny House”

Tiny Rooftop House


This beautiful coastal beach house gives you major cape-cod vibes with its wooden shingled exterior to the clean white french doors.  You could imagine yourself leaving the windows open to enjoy some fresh salty sea breeze air, but you might be a bit surprised when the view out your window is not the ocean, but instead a bustling Manhattan.  Searching for a space of solitude and space to relax and get away from it all?  Look no further than this quaint tiny house five stories above the streets of Manhattan, New York. Continue reading “Tiny Rooftop House”

Rent a Teeny-Tiny House


Traveling on a budget, no problem!  This tiny house has you covered, not only is it portable, but it is super affordable for anyone looking for a quick place to crash for the night. Not only is it easy on the budget, but this little house has a lot of  little quirks and surprises up its sleeves, perfect for any travelers looking for an adventure.

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Financing a Tiny House


On average, 68% of tiny home owners do not have a mortgage in comparison to the 29.3% of traditional homeowners across the United States. With tiny houses being much more affordable, tiny home owners are able to be more financially secure and be able to have more savings in the bank too.  Depending on your current financial situation as well as the booming tiny house market, you might want to look into financing your tiny house. Continue reading “Financing a Tiny House”