5 Reasons to Fall In Love with Tiny Living


Tiny living is more than just downsizing your house, it is a lifestyle change that can be a catalyst for positive change in your life and allow you to focus on what is really important to you.  As a tiny house enthusiast, tiny living offers great benefits that can enrich and offer a new perspective in your life.  Here are some great benefits tiny living can do to enrich your life!


1. The creative aspect: Tiny houses come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  I love the fact that each tiny house is unique with its own characteristics and personalities.  These tiny homes are filled with quirky and creative decor, storage space, and painted bright colors that suit individual tiny home owner’s aesthetic.  The customization of tiny homes are unique and the sky is the limit on designing a tiny house from the interior to the exterior!


2. Financial Well-being:   Investing in your own future is important and having the ability to save for luxuries such as the ability to travel the world or towards a financially sound future is an amazing feeling to have.  Going tiny can allow you to live large in a sense that you are able to have the opportunity to invest in other aspects of your life rather than accumulating physical items.


3. Environmentally Friendly: From using recyclable material to construct tiny houses to harnessing the power of nature, tiny houses are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.  Reusing wood scrapes or other building materials that were headed to the dumpster can be creatively reconstructed to fit your tiny house’s needs.  Some tiny houses owners install solar panels or small wind turbines to lower their cost of living and help power their tiny house.   And for those nature lovers and all-organic enthusiasts, tiny living encourages self-sufficient living from growing your own indoor herb garden to large vegetable garden!


4. Mobility Aspect: It is wonderful to have the ability to move you and your home at the drop of a hat.  With a tiny house (on wheels), you do not have to worry about selling your house and renting a storage unit for majority of your possessions if a fantastic job opportunity presents itself.  You can simply hitch up your tiny house and take it with you.  Having a home base in a new and unfamiliar place can make the move less stressful and make sure everything you love travel with you too. For those with a wanderlust spirit, having the ability to wake up with a new view out your window is a luxury tiny living affords.  As there are plenty of opportunities to take your tiny house with you on your explorations to discovering new places, people, and nature.


5. Less clutter: Tiny living encourages the idea of minimal living and getting rid of items that do not add value to your life. Besides the materialistic items that are physically crowding your living space, simplifying your life allows you to value the things you do have and opens your perspective on the way you want to live your life. Making time for the ones you love, pursing your passions and appreciating the world around you can work towards seeking happiness into your life.

18 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Fall In Love with Tiny Living

  1. I think I’ve seen that a tiny house community has started somewhere in Australia, not sure where. I love looking through the old pioneer shacks. They weren’t much bigger than tiny houses but without all the clever storage. I’m always envious of those that can live so simply. I think I could, but hubby – definitely not. His hoarding is our only bone of contention.


    1. Tiny houses are super affordable and a great option to consider for instead of renting or leasing a place. Not only is it yours, but you can customize it to your design aesthetic too.
      As for parking a mobile tiny house, that can be somewhat tricky as permits and zoning regulations differ from state to state. I actually wrote a post that goes more into depth about parking a tiny house. It’s called “Finding Parking Space for A Tiny House”

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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