Off-Grid Furnishings

Intrigued by the idea of becoming self-sufficient and live off-grid?  Well thanks to these off-grid furnishing and appliances, you can do exactly that.  Never worry about looking for an electrical hook up to power the lights in your house, or looking for a sanitary water supply.

Why invest in these types of more pricier furnishings and equipment you might ask?  There are lots of great reasons to choose off-grid furnishings.  From financial reasons, to lower your monthly living expenses, going off-grid turn your monthly electric and water bills to zero dollars a month.  Not only is this cost effective, but it allows you to save more to spend it on experiences rather than bills and such.

Look no further.  These links can help you calculate and pick out which off-grid supplies you need to equip your tiny house with!

Off-Grid Calculations

Off-Grid Kits

Off-Grid Solar

Off-Grid Rainwater Collector

Solar Oven