Teeny Tiny Wedding Cake


Whether you love weddings or are planning for one, this artist does a great job capturing the essence of a wedding through- you guessed it- the wedding cake!  For most parties the cake is the highlight of the event and it is specially chosen by the couple.  To commemorate those memories, one unique artist decided to make a special handcrafted memento of the wedding cake and turn it into a miniature version that they can keep for the years to come.    Continue reading “Teeny Tiny Wedding Cake”

Tiny House Wedding


Planning a wedding is always a challenge, there are so many things to consider and options to choose from it can sometimes be overwhelming.  For this couple, there was only one place to have their wedding and that was in their very own tiny house!  As crazy as that may sound, there really is no better place to be at a wedding than home sweet home. Continue reading “Tiny House Wedding”

Tiny House Wedding Chapel


Want a wedding chapel that will come to you?  Look no further!  Inspired by tiny houses and the tiny house movement, this tiny wedding chapel is a chapel on wheels.  Built on a trailer bed, you  can be book this chapel for your wedding venue and have it come to you.  This cute chapel is perfect for any intimate wedding ceremony and best of all, totally affordable!

Continue reading “Tiny House Wedding Chapel”