Tiny House Travel

Want to travel the world and bring your house with you? Tiny mobile homes make it possible! All you need is a truck to tow your mobile home and off you go to find the next big adventure. Not only is it cost saving (no need to splurge on a hotel for the night) but it is also convenient for allowing you all the comforts of home while in a new place. No need to worry about leaving your pets behind, or finding a pet friendly place. Your furry companion can join you on your adventure!

From planning, budgeting, to equipment, tiny house travel requires some serious forethought. One important idea is to locate tiny house friendly parking zones/areas. Another practical matter is to make sure your tiny house is below the towing weight limit. One way to do so is to use a weigh-distribution hitch or take your mobile tiny house to the nearest truck scale.  Second is deciding how you plan on making a living.  Do you have a job/career that allows you to work from home?   If so, it is important to make sure the places you will be traveling/located has a strong wifi connection so you can take your work on the road with you.  Furthermore, you must dedicate a certain corner of your tiny house as an office/study area in order to sit down and get some work done.  Or can you take a hiatus from work to travel the country?  Perhaps your job is stable enough or you saved up enough vacation time to take a month or so off to travel.  Even so, it is important to budget for monthly expenses from food to an emergency fund to gas.  A budget calculator can help you determine the amount of money you need to save/have in an effort to live within your means.  And lastly, making sure you are equip for the road and the climate you are planning to visit is important.  For instance, having a RV GPS that alerts you to overpasses and roads your tiny house will fit/handle is essential to having a safe trip.  In addition, it is important to make sure to have enough storage for equipment and sports gear you plan on taking with you such as mountain bikes, skiis, backpacking gear,etc.