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December 19,2017
Tiny living has made its way to Banglor India as housing is a real issue.  Thankfully SquarePlums ingenuity created a way to build tiny apartment houses within two weeks to make living affordable and maximize square foot by stacking them.  Using cargo shipping containers, this tiny house can also double as an office as well as an affordable apartment for those looking for cheap living accommodations.  Check out this cool build here!
December 2, 2017
One way to spread the word about tiny living is to integrate it into your curriculum. Wando High School is partnered with Charleston Home Builders Association (CHBA) during the 2017-2018 school year to create a three phase project that results in building a tiny house.  Learn more about this inspirational project here!
November 19, 2017
Curious to check out some tiny houses?  Florida natives you are in luck, as The United Tiny House Association is proud to present their 2nd annual Florida Tiny House Festival  that is happening between November 17-19th!  This is a golden opportunity to immerse yourself in the tiny house community.  The festival hosts over 75 tiny houses which are on display to tour.
November 16, 2017
With a bit of ingenuity, this multi functional cube-like unit maximizes small spaces and assists in pioneering future smart design solutions to bring tiny living to the next level.  Scope out this one-stop-shop furniture piece  to learn more!
November 9, 2017
For a bit of #ThursdayThoughts, Seattle’s newest elected mayor has proposed a movement to build 1,000 tiny homes for the homeless creating tiny homeless villages that could help end this crisis.
To learn more, check out this news report!
October 31, 2017
Happy Halloween!!! To keep with the Halloween theme, check out this spooktaculiar tiny cabin in the woods.
October 30, 2017
To help kick off that #MondayMotivation into high gear look at how tiny living inspired this young boy to build his own tiny house!  From financing to wiring his tiny house, this boy is going places!
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