Tiny Backyard Office


Love the idea of going tiny and want to incorporate it in your life?  Building a separate space away from your house where you can get in the zone and stay focused is a great way to stay productive and experience what tiny living is all about!  A tiny office or work space in you backyard can be the first step to introducing you to tiny living and can boost your success.

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Tiny House Decks

Rooftop Deck http://bit.ly/2mMWz2Y

In a tiny house outdoor space needs to be taken advantage off.  Part of the beauty of  living in a tiny house is enjoying and incorporating the outdoors into your every day life.  Imagine sipping a cup of coffee watching the sun rise, the glorious view is framed by two large redwoods as you are awaken by the sounds of nature.  Or perhaps you are more of a night person and star gazing is your passion.  Looking up at the nighttime sky can be magical from the rooftop deck of your tiny house.  In an case, here are some great tiny house deck additions for your tiny house. Continue reading “Tiny House Decks”