Tiny Spring Decor


Spring is here and it is time to update and revamp decor that would be perfect for spring!  One of my favorite things I love about spring is all the bright colors and new plants that come from those rainy, gloomy days.  I have found some amazing online stores, (curtsy of Etsy) that sell adorable spring and tiny house themed decor that would be perfect for any home- big or tiny!

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Spring Cleaning for the Self


Self-care is something we often forget to do in our busy lives.  With the amount of responsibility we have to the heavy workloads, it is hard to find time for ourselves in the mix.  Spring is here and now is the perfect time to do a bit of cleaning in our lives from donating our old items, to organizing our digital space and taking time to recharge ourselves. Continue reading “Spring Cleaning for the Self”

Digital Spring Cleanse


A new season has commenced and I am excited and ready for spring!  Besides physically cleaning house, there is our digital world that might need some tidying up.  Do not worry, I am not saying to get rid of all your apps on your phone or to stop checking social media.  But you may have more clutter than you think in your online world that you may not even realize.  Here is to a a great digital spring clean! Continue reading “Digital Spring Cleanse”

New Method For Spring Cleaning


Spring is finally here!  Now is the perfect time to tidy up around the house and do some spring cleaning.  From that mystery pile in the closet to that old television you swore you would donate three months ago, there is an quick method that is great to practice that will help you get rid of the clutter and usher in the new season. Continue reading “New Method For Spring Cleaning”

Whiskey Inspired Tiny House

The Honey on the Rock Tiny House by Carpenter Owl @carpenterowl #tinyhouse  #architecture #home #micro #nature #tinyhomes #architect #house #modern  #green #tinyh…To join in on the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, this tiny house takes whiskey- the drink of choice for some to a whole new level.  Inspired by a family heirloom whisky still, this tiny house integrates ingenuity and fun with its unconventional materials.  This house is definitely equipped to party with its large upper outside deck with a cool surprise element that really brings the party to life.

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Classroom Upgrade Tiny Edition

Image result for Bard University Media Lab,Tiny living is stepping up its game to upgrading classrooms.  Thanks to the popularity of tiny houses and structures, portable classroom are no longer a boring beige cargo container with windows serving as the cooling and heating unit.  Instead, classrooms can look forward to a complete 360 degree transformation that is totally affordable too!   Continue reading “Classroom Upgrade Tiny Edition”

Tiny House on Stilts


The tiny house movement has taken root internationally!  Although many of the times I feature tiny houses in the United States, there are plenty of tiny houses across the globe.  This unique tiny house is located in Vietnam and stands out for its simplistic and modern structure, hidden among trees thanks to the fact that it was built with long stilt legs.   Continue reading “Tiny House on Stilts”

Invisible Tiny House


Ever wish you had the superpower to become invisible and disappear for a couple of hours, well now is your chance to just do that!  Introducing the latest and greatest tiny house invention, the invisible tiny house!  Not only can this tiny house shield you from view and revel in the beauty of nature as well as sustain a eco-friendly lifestyle that allows for an appreciation of nature and environmental sustainability. Continue reading “Invisible Tiny House”

Wild-West Tiny House


For those looking for a sense of adventure and a big fan of the Wild West, now is your chance to make those dreams a reality.  Hailing from California, this tiny house is perfect for anyone ready to “rough it” in this sleepy little west coast town.  With its charming dusty wooden front porch to its large sheriff star mounted to the front, this house is sure to take you back to a time when the west was wild and untamed. Continue reading “Wild-West Tiny House”

Tiny Modern Conestoga Wagon


Giddy up y’all and get ready for the ride of your life.  This tiny house may be giving you Little House On The Prairie vibes, but this little wagon holds a much larger meaning.  Nicknamed the “Unity Wagon”, this tiny abode hopes to bring people together.  With its all-encompassing message and its unique design this tiny house is sure to draw people in!  Continue reading “Tiny Modern Conestoga Wagon”