Tiny Living is Not RV Living


Tiny houses are a relatively new concept and as wonderful as they are, some people might wonder what is the difference in RV living and living in a tiny house?  Although the concept might be similar, tiny living and the tiny house community as a whole embodies a sense of both an architectural and social movement.  Tiny living is more than just a place to crash at night, it is embodying certain values and ideals that is essentially living large while going small.  Curious to understand the difference? Continue reading “Tiny Living is Not RV Living”


Most Expensive Tiny Smart House


Technology offers us the world at our fingertips and with reliance on tech, we have seamlessly been integrating smart technology to make our lives easier.  Some tiny house companies are picking up on this trend and have begun integrating smart tech with tiny living.  From a smart door lock to smart phone controlled amenities, tiny living has gotten a whole lot more convenient.

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Most Luxurious Tiny House


One of the major attractions about tiny houses is its affordability and financial freedom that comes with it.  But for those who have a little extra dough are are willing to invest in their tiny house can upgrade their tiny house to the next level.  From upgrading fixtures to adding high end amenities, you can truly live large while going tiny. Continue reading “Most Luxurious Tiny House”

Historical Tiny House


Are you a history buff who would love to re-enact your favorite parts of history?  Tiny houses just might be the perfect solution to merge history with tiny. With a  bit of creativity and a lot of passion this Florida historian took tiny living to the next level.  Motivated by her love of history, yet tired of fighting the natural elements with tarps and damp furniture, the idea of a unique tiny house was created that would serve duel purposes.  Continue reading “Historical Tiny House”

Tiny House Wedding


Planning a wedding is always a challenge, there are so many things to consider and options to choose from it can sometimes be overwhelming.  For this couple, there was only one place to have their wedding and that was in their very own tiny house!  As crazy as that may sound, there really is no better place to be at a wedding than home sweet home. Continue reading “Tiny House Wedding”

5 Out of the Box Tiny Houses


Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes.  A bonus is that you can be as creative with the building material as you like!  From choosing sustainable, recycled material or a certain color or style, you have complete creative control when building the tiny house of your dreams.  Here are five unique out of the box tiny houses that went completely out of the box and brought tiny living to the next level!


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Transformable Tiny House Camper


Interesting in going tiny, but love the water?  Here is a cool solution that can do both!  Introducing the Sealander Camper.  This tiny camper is a genius solution to enjoy both land and sea.  Need a couple of days to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life?  No problem, just hitch this tiny camper up to your vehicle and enjoy the outdoors for a few days.   Continue reading “Transformable Tiny House Camper”

Tiny House Lottery


The stakes just got a whole lot more interesting.  Love playing the lottery and want a chance to win your own tiny house?  Now is your chance!  The state of Maine is offering a chance for you to take a chance with Lady Luck and potentially win your very own tiny home of your dreams.  This opportunity can afford you to join the tiny house community and help decorate the tiny house of your dreams. Continue reading “Tiny House Lottery”

Tiny House Wedding Chapel


Want a wedding chapel that will come to you?  Look no further!  Inspired by tiny houses and the tiny house movement, this tiny wedding chapel is a chapel on wheels.  Built on a trailer bed, you  can be book this chapel for your wedding venue and have it come to you.  This cute chapel is perfect for any intimate wedding ceremony and best of all, totally affordable!

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Tiny Backyard Office


Love the idea of going tiny and want to incorporate it in your life?  Building a separate space away from your house where you can get in the zone and stay focused is a great way to stay productive and experience what tiny living is all about!  A tiny office or work space in you backyard can be the first step to introducing you to tiny living and can boost your success.

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