Innovative Housing Solution: Micro Pods

This seemingly simple concrete tube may not look exciting, but it is a step forward in micro housing- an innovative solution to housing crisis.  In large and overpopulated areas such as Hong Kong, housing prices are skyrocketing and for those looking for an affordable place to live, this pod may be the answer.  With its simple, yet modern design, this tiny house maximizes on space with clever space saving solutions and embraces the tiny house philosophy of “less is more”.   Continue reading “Innovative Housing Solution: Micro Pods”

Train Turned Tiny House

All aboard!  This awesome tiny house might look a bit different than most tiny houses and that is because this tiny house was once a train.  Using some creativity and ingenuity, this old train got a major upgrade.  Once part of a running train, this old shell was upcycled into a place that is now called home.  Curious to see how this transformation took place?  Look no further, as we delve into the history of this once running train carriage. Continue reading “Train Turned Tiny House”

Pizza Loving Tiny House

Attention all pizza lovers, what if I told you that you could have a pizza oven in a tiny house.  Imagine all the delicious freshly baked pizza you could have ready at your finger tips.  Ever craving pizza, pop one in the oven and you can have your own personal pie in no time.  The best part about tiny living is customizing your tiny house to your wants and needs.  Clearly, pizza holds a special place in this tiny homeowners heart as this pizza oven is the star in this household.   Continue reading “Pizza Loving Tiny House”

Tiny Woman’s Only Tattoo Parlor

In this male dominated industry, this artist and her one-on-one tattoo parlor stands out as a safe space for women to express themselves and be understood.  This small mobile tattoo parlor combines the aspects of tiny living, minimalism and creativity to offer something unique to society that can benefit women who are seeking an artist who understands the physical and emotional privacy needed during a tattoo experience.   Continue reading “Tiny Woman’s Only Tattoo Parlor”

Tiny Spring Decor

Spring is here and it is time to update and revamp decor that would be perfect for spring!  One of my favorite things I love about spring is all the bright colors and new plants that come from those rainy, gloomy days.  I have found some amazing online stores, (curtsy of Etsy) that sell adorable spring and tiny house themed decor that would be perfect for any home- big or tiny!

Continue reading “Tiny Spring Decor”

Whiskey Inspired Tiny House

The Honey on the Rock Tiny House by Carpenter Owl @carpenterowl #tinyhouse  #architecture #home #micro #nature #tinyhomes #architect #house #modern  #green #tinyh…To join in on the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, this tiny house takes whiskey- the drink of choice for some to a whole new level.  Inspired by a family heirloom whisky still, this tiny house integrates ingenuity and fun with its unconventional materials.  This house is definitely equipped to party with its large upper outside deck with a cool surprise element that really brings the party to life.

Continue reading “Whiskey Inspired Tiny House”

Tiny House on Stilts

The tiny house movement has taken root internationally!  Although many of the times I feature tiny houses in the United States, there are plenty of tiny houses across the globe.  This unique tiny house is located in Vietnam and stands out for its simplistic and modern structure, hidden among trees thanks to the fact that it was built with long stilt legs.   Continue reading “Tiny House on Stilts”

Invisible Tiny House

Ever wish you had the superpower to become invisible and disappear for a couple of hours, well now is your chance to just do that!  Introducing the latest and greatest tiny house invention, the invisible tiny house!  Not only can this tiny house shield you from view and revel in the beauty of nature as well as sustain a eco-friendly lifestyle that allows for an appreciation of nature and environmental sustainability. Continue reading “Invisible Tiny House”

Wild-West Tiny House

For those looking for a sense of adventure and a big fan of the Wild West, now is your chance to make those dreams a reality.  Hailing from California, this tiny house is perfect for anyone ready to “rough it” in this sleepy little west coast town.  With its charming dusty wooden front porch to its large sheriff star mounted to the front, this house is sure to take you back to a time when the west was wild and untamed. Continue reading “Wild-West Tiny House”