Tiny House Lottery


The stakes just got a whole lot more interesting.  Love playing the lottery and want a chance to win your own tiny house?  Now is your chance!  The state of Maine is offering a chance for you to take a chance with Lady Luck and potentially win your very own tiny home of your dreams.  This opportunity can afford you to join the tiny house community and help decorate the tiny house of your dreams. Continue reading “Tiny House Lottery”

Tiny House Wedding Chapel


Want a wedding chapel that will come to you?  Look no further!  Inspired by tiny houses and the tiny house movement, this tiny wedding chapel is a chapel on wheels.  Built on a trailer bed, you  can be book this chapel for your wedding venue and have it come to you.  This cute chapel is perfect for any intimate wedding ceremony and best of all, totally affordable!

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Tiny Backyard Office


Love the idea of going tiny and want to incorporate it in your life?  Building a separate space away from your house where you can get in the zone and stay focused is a great way to stay productive and experience what tiny living is all about!  A tiny office or work space in you backyard can be the first step to introducing you to tiny living and can boost your success.

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Cool Stairs for a Tiny House


To save space, tiny houses often have ladders to climb up to the loft space.  Although ladders do save on space, it is not for everyone.  Some people absolutely abhor the idea of climbing up and down ladders every time they want to go to their bedroom, while others  want their tiny house to be more pet friendly.  There are lots of options to put stairs in your tiny house that can not only be multi functional, but a cool way to go up and down your tiny house loft without a hassle.

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Tropical Tiny House


Looking for a warm destination to enjoy your tiny house on?  Here are some amazing tropical tiny houses that not only take advantage of the beautiful location, but enjoy sunny skies!  Not sure if this location for you?  No problem!  These tiny houses are available to rent for a relaxing get away where you can explore nature and soak in the sun!

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How Art and Creativity Can Benefit Tiny Living


Every wonder how art and furniture can collide?  Thanks to artist and designer Sebastian ErraZuriz, you can see exactly how art can be transformative with a little bit of imagination and a lot of creativity.  This piece of art is sure to peak your curiosity and allow you to marvel at the way structure and pattern meld together in unison to create a very unique and abstract art piece that is sure to capture your attention.

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Useful Pet Hacks in a Tiny House


Living with your pet in a tiny house is great!  Not only does your best friend get to wake up with you, but they too can enjoy the comforts of your new home too.  But with a pet comes pet supplies from pet food to leashes and bowls.  All these accessories can be quite extensive- depending on your animal and it is important to make sure to utilize every square inch of your tiny house with enough storage for your stuff and your pet’s!  With a little creativity and a bit of planning, you can customize your tiny house to fit all your pet’s needs.

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Heating a Tiny House


As the cool chill of fall slowly creeps up on us, it is time to layer up and take out those plush blankets to stay warm.  A great way to keep your tiny house heated is to invest in a tiny fireplace stove.  Worried about not having enough space?  Never fear, there are adorable small stoves are designed specifically for small spaces!  Come check out these great tiny stoves that can keep your tiny home toasty this fall.

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Amazon Sells Tiny Houses


Ever wonder what is the strangest thing you could buy on Amazon?  For most of us, Amazon is a must-have in our lives.  From buying a new pair of socks to ordering your favorite book, Amazon has made it convenient to order what we need and get it in a timely fashion to suit our fast-paced lifestyle.  Now for anyone interested in going tiny, here is your chance as Amazon now sells tiny houses!

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Creative Tech Making Tiny Living Possible


The concept of tiny living is expanding and the phrase “micro-living” is beginning to be a reality for many people across America, as cities have become more congested and housing prices have drastically risen.  Technology companies have taken notice and have found opportunity in expanding  their expertise into paring smart technology with tiny spaces.  This has create a bit of a revolutionary start to the merging of technology and furniture.  Interested in learning more?  Continue reading “Creative Tech Making Tiny Living Possible”