Tiny Kid Friendly Zone


Going tiny with young children, but not sure about creating a kid friendly zone?  Here are some neat tips and tricks for making your tiny house kid friendly and making a cool space that your kids would love to enjoy and play in!  Not only does creativity rule, but you can DIY a lot of these projects which makes them an affordable and fun way to make your tiny house feel specially designed for your children. Continue reading “Tiny Kid Friendly Zone”

Doing Laundry Tiny

Washer/Dryer http://bit.ly/2ngx9s1

Ever wonder how do tiny house dwellers have the space to put a gigantic washer and dryer in the tiny house?  The answer is… they do not use a regular sized washer and dryer, instead- like most things in a tiny house, they use a magically specially sized appliance that can do both.  Introducing the washer/dryer combo, perfect for tiny houses and small enough to fit comfortably in a tiny house. Continue reading “Doing Laundry Tiny”

Mobile Versus Foundation Tiny House

Mobile Tiny House | http://bit.ly/2nbS4g2

Within tiny houses, there are two main types.  Mobile meaning it was built on a trailer bed as the foundation and therefore can be hitched up to a vehicle and is movable.  Tiny houses with a foundation is similar to traditional homes in that they have a solid (non-movable) foundation but is still under 500 square feet.

Continue reading “Mobile Versus Foundation Tiny House”

Tiny House Decks

Rooftop Deck http://bit.ly/2mMWz2Y

In a tiny house outdoor space needs to be taken advantage off.  Part of the beauty of  living in a tiny house is enjoying and incorporating the outdoors into your every day life.  Imagine sipping a cup of coffee watching the sun rise, the glorious view is framed by two large redwoods as you are awaken by the sounds of nature.  Or perhaps you are more of a night person and star gazing is your passion.  Looking up at the nighttime sky can be magical from the rooftop deck of your tiny house.  In an case, here are some great tiny house deck additions for your tiny house. Continue reading “Tiny House Decks”

Cooking In a Tiny House

Tiny House Stove | http://bit.ly/2lIVhXr

Debating on what type of stove top would be perfect for your tiny house?  Have no fear, let us break down stove top options that will fit your tiny house’s needs. First you need to be honest with yourself.  Are you a minimalist cooker, meaning you basically need the stove to heat up your tea kettle or occasional pot of soup?  Or perhaps do you enjoy whipping up lavish meals that make cooking thanksgiving look like a breeze?  Maybe you are in the middle, enjoying making a homemade meal on the weekend and when you can.  If any of these fit your cooking style, there are plenty of options to choose from. Continue reading “Cooking In a Tiny House”