Tiny House Library

Tiny House Library http://bit.ly/2oNMggI

Love your books and parting with them would break your heart? I know that tiny living equals downsizing, but how can you choose between your favorite novels?  It just seems impossible to downsize your large collection of your favorite stories.  Book lovers rejoice! Building a beautiful home for your books in a tiny space can not only be a statement wall but can serve as a personal library to indulge in whenever you have a space minute.


For one, being creative in order to make your library come true is a must!  Books come in all shape and sizes which is an amazing plus for tiny living.  Those small novels can squeeze into some built-in shelves hollowed within your staircase to your loft.



Or perhaps you want to be surrounded by books while you sleep.  With a built-in and hollowed out head board you can store some of your favorite novels and read them just before bed!  Handy much?



Or if you have a built in television stand for your tiny house, add shelves underneath and above the stand in order to make space for your books.  Or, in your living room area dedicate a whole wall as a giant bookshelf to surround yourself with the stories you love so dearly.


Have a tiny house with a pitched roof or high ceilings uninhibited by any loft space, take advantage of the vertical space, frame and add shelves to the high space in order to store your books!  Not only will they be a statement piece when your guests walk in, but it really takes advantage of all the space you have in your tiny house.

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