Festively Decorated Tiny Houses


Ready to get in the holiday spirit?  Although going tiny means minimizing your material items, there are always ways to bring touches of Christmas into your tiny home without going overboard.  Here are some creative and beautifully decorated tiny houses that may be small, but found a way to decorate a small space in a large way that encompasses the Christmas spirit. Continue reading “Festively Decorated Tiny Houses”


Holiday Gift Ideas from Tiny Homeowners


Interested in supporting the tiny house community?  A lot of tiny home owners have their own side businesses to help supplement their income.  If you are looking on the prowl for the perfect gift for you friends and family this holiday season, check out these tiny business owners who handcraft a lot of cool merchandise that is one-of-a-kind and have awesome useful tiny house theme items! Continue reading “Holiday Gift Ideas from Tiny Homeowners”

Tiny House Resort


The holidays are almost upon us and maybe you are not quite sure where you want to spend your days relaxing.  Living it up in a tiny house resort is a unique and exciting opportunity to try out tiny living before you commit or just a new way to experience the holidays.  Either way it is a great getaway for any nature lover and anyone interested in the tiny house movement.

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Finding Parking Space for A Tiny House


The best thing about a tiny house is having the ability to bring your home with you wherever you may go.  This is great for those that have to travel a lot for their jobs, live out of their suitcases or just love to see more of the world!  But as great as mobile tiny houses are to hitch up to the back of your truck and go, often times finding a legal place to park your tiny house can sometimes be a big problem. Continue reading “Finding Parking Space for A Tiny House”

Nifty Hammocks for Tiny Living


Hammocks are the perfect way to unwind, relax and take a breath.  Who doesn’t enjoy a nice nap or lounging in a comfortable hammock while reading your favorite book?  For tiny living, hammocks are perfect for creating a nice quiet space for you to sit back, enjoy the silence and take a breath.  Not only are do they come in all shapes and sizes, they are super versatile, easy to move and can serve many purposes in a tiny house! Continue reading “Nifty Hammocks for Tiny Living”

Tour a Tiny Firehouse


Firefighters have always been looked up to and admired for their bravery and along with their admirable traits they are easily spotted in their bright red truck with their loud sirens.  Lucky for us, the two world collide as a Georgia couple have found a way to meld their passion for firefighters and their love for the tiny house community.  As a tribute to firefighters and first respondents, this couple created a tiny firehouse perfect for hitting the road and showcasing what fire safety is all about. Continue reading “Tour a Tiny Firehouse”

Tiny Living is Not RV Living


Tiny houses are a relatively new concept and as wonderful as they are, some people might wonder what is the difference in RV living and living in a tiny house?  Although the concept might be similar, tiny living and the tiny house community as a whole embodies a sense of both an architectural and social movement.  Tiny living is more than just a place to crash at night, it is embodying certain values and ideals that is essentially living large while going small.  Curious to understand the difference? Continue reading “Tiny Living is Not RV Living”

Most Expensive Tiny Smart House


Technology offers us the world at our fingertips and with reliance on tech, we have seamlessly been integrating smart technology to make our lives easier.  Some tiny house companies are picking up on this trend and have begun integrating smart tech with tiny living.  From a smart door lock to smart phone controlled amenities, tiny living has gotten a whole lot more convenient.

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Most Luxurious Tiny House


One of the major attractions about tiny houses is its affordability and financial freedom that comes with it.  But for those who have a little extra dough are are willing to invest in their tiny house can upgrade their tiny house to the next level.  From upgrading fixtures to adding high end amenities, you can truly live large while going tiny. Continue reading “Most Luxurious Tiny House”