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Small Wind Turbines for Tiny Living

Interested in taking your tiny house a step further to become more self sufficient and want to harness your own source of power?  I have a great solution for you.  Wind turbines are a great eco-friendly way to take advantage … Continue reading

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Tiny Sustainable Gardening

Going tiny and being sustainable is easier than you think.  Tiny living is all about having a smaller carbon food print and being eco-friendly.  Have a green thumb and itching to use it?  Gardening just might be your answer.  Not … Continue reading

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Tiny Life, Tiny Grocery Bills

It is so easy to blow the budget when food shopping, although tiny living may afford you the opportunity to splurge a bit more and buy that expensive cheese or go out a bit more on a daily basis- think … Continue reading

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Furnishing A Tiny House

Going tiny requires sacrifice.  With a smaller space comes less cleaning (bonus) but also less storage for clothes, less living space for furniture, etc.  But some amazing upsides to going tiny include smaller utility bills and lower cost of living … Continue reading

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Craziest Tiny Houses

When you think tiny house, a picture of an adorable cottage style or log cabin vibe tiny house comes to mind.  But tiny houses can come in all shapes and sizes, literally.  Thanks to its small stature and affordable build … Continue reading

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Tiny House Tubs

Taking a bath can be a great way to unwind, relax and take a moment to yourself after a hard day of work.  When you think of a tiny house, I am guessing you are wondering how a tub could … Continue reading

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Types of Minimalist

There may be a preconceived notion of what a minimalist looks like, acts or even behaves.  Just because you are planning on going tiny does not mean that you have to follow a status quo.  Living minimalistically can not only … Continue reading

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International Tiny House TV Show

Tiny can be a great option when traveling abroad or moving to another country.  Whether you are looking for a vacation home that will not stretch the budget or wanting to relocate to a new place, going tiny and choosing … Continue reading

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Bringing Tech to Tiny

Technology is for everyone!  Whether you are living tiny or in a huge mansion, technology is adaptable for your lifestyle and can be especially beneficial for the tiny house community.  From making security a top priority to controlling the lighting … Continue reading

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Planning for Pets in a Tiny House

Living in a tiny house is challenging, bringing along your four legged friend can seem daunting.  How can you leave behind your best friend?  In order to figure out if tiny house living can work for both you and your … Continue reading

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