The Postives of Being A Minimalist
Tiny houses equal small space which means if going tiny is something you are seriously considering, minimalism is key.  Minimalism embodies a lot of similar traits to tiny living from valuing experiences to adventures, living minimalistically opens the door for new opportunities in your life that things and stuff would have held you back from.  So let us jump right into living the minimalist lifestyle

First of all, what is a minimalist?  According to, a minimalist is “a person who favors a moderate approach to the achievement of a set of goals or who holds minimal expectations for the success of a program“.  Applying this definition in terms of lifestyle, a minimalist only live with what they absolutely need- the essentials, in all parts of their life in order to fully enjoy their life.  From getting rid of your huge two thousand square foot house with a pool, to paring down on how many shoes you own, a minimalist life style is not for everyone but can be highly rewarding.  Because once you downsize from your current home into a tiny house, you really realize how much space you need to live in, versus how much extra stuff you were able to accumulate with a larger house.

A minimalist lifestyle focuses less on materialistic things and focuses more on experiences and life journeys.  Perhaps you have always wanted to travel the world, but never could.  Downsizing your life and getting rid of unnecessary items you own allow you the financial freedom to be able to have these experiences.  Not only are you not tied down with a mortgage, but you also cut down on your living expenses when going tiny- this allows you to save more and be able to do more with those savings.

Lastly, minimalism focuses on your own well-being.  Living minimalism can have a positive affect on your emotions, social behavior and overall happiness.  We often have a lot of internal and external noise within our lives.  Internal noise being things happening within us- emotions, feelings, etc. which can be hard to control.  While external noise- includes your surrounding, other people, as well as the environment.   Overall, this can be very overwhelming when trying to juggle these two types of communication noises.  minimalism helps cut down on these noises.  It allows us to really ground ourselves and be more in touch with our own feelings and our happiness.  With less materialistic things in our lives, the fewer distractions we have and the more we can focus on our own feelings and working towards a lifestyle that we want to live.  This type of lifestyle encourages us to be more social, create meaningful connections and work on developing friendships.  Overall minimalism has a positive effect on our psychological and physical states of being.