Types of Minimalist

Tiny & Minimal http://bit.ly/2pfimSH

There may be a preconceived notion of what a minimalist looks like, acts or even behaves.  Just because you are planning on going tiny does not mean that you have to follow a status quo.  Living minimalistically can not only be freeing but can also teach you a little bit more about yourself.  Like many things in life, minimalist come in all different shapes and sizes.  Here are a few minimalist which I have categorized.

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Tiny House Slide Outs

Want more room in your tiny house but do not want to add extra square footage?  Seems impossible!  Thankfully I know the perfect compromise that will allow you to have the perfect tiny house of your dreams and give you a little bit more space that is necessary for your comfort.  Look no further than tiny house slide outs.  Curious about what they are and want to find out if this addition could be right for you?

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The Postives of Being A Minimalist

Tiny houses equal small space which means if going tiny is something you are seriously considering, minimalism is key.  Minimalism embodies a lot of similar traits to tiny living from valuing experiences to adventures, living minimalistically opens the door for new opportunities in your life that things and stuff would have held you back from.  So let us jump right into living the minimalist lifestyle

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Tiny House Library

Tiny House Library http://bit.ly/2oNMggI

Love your books and parting with them would break your heart? I know that tiny living equals downsizing, but how can you choose between your favorite novels?  It just seems impossible to downsize your large collection of your favorite stories.  Book lovers rejoice! Building a beautiful home for your books in a tiny space can not only be a statement wall but can serve as a personal library to indulge in whenever you have a space minute.

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Best Tiny House YouTube Channels

I love watching tiny house shows, but I am not going to lie- sometimes all I want to do is see the end result.  I find that these tiny house YouTube channels offer me the best of both worlds, the clips are short and concise, but still gives me the whole tiny house experience.  I love learning new things I did not know about tiny living and I always feel inspired after watching these channels.  Not only are they relatable- finding people who have gone through making their dreams turn into reality by building/ buying their own tiny homes, but they have fully integrated themselves into the tiny house community
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International Tiny House TV Show

Tiny House World http://bit.ly/2oNMggI

Tiny can be a great option when traveling abroad or moving to another country.  Whether you are looking for a vacation home that will not stretch the budget or wanting to relocate to a new place, going tiny and choosing a tiny dwelling may be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Continue reading

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Alternative Tiny Houses

There are lots of different options when downsizing and if you are intrigued by the tiny lifestyle there are plenty of ways to tailor tiny living to suit you.  Perhaps you live near a large body of water and want to feel more connected, or travel is a big part of your lifestyle- any of these alternatives are great ways to still embrace the minimalist lifestyle tiny living offers, but perhaps in a more unique way suited just for you.

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Bringing Tech to Tiny

Technology is for everyone!  Whether you are living tiny or in a huge mansion, technology is adaptable for your lifestyle and can be especially beneficial for the tiny house community.  From making security a top priority to controlling the lighting within your house, this use of technology is convenient and  optimal for living in a tiny space.

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Tiny Kid Friendly Zone

Personalized Kid’s Room Source: http://bit.ly/2mRnIyR

Going tiny with young children, but worried about creating a kid friendly zone?  Here are some neat tips and tricks for making your tiny house kid friendly. Continue reading

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Doing Laundry Tiny

Ever wonder how do tiny house dwellers have the space to put a gigantic washer and dryer in the tiny house?  The answer is… they do not use a regular sized washer and dryer, instead- like most things in a tiny house, they use a magically specially sized appliance that can do both.  Introducing the washer/dryer combo, perfect for tiny houses and small enough to fit comfortably in a tiny house. Continue reading

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