Teeny Tiny Wedding Cake


Whether you love weddings or are planning for one, this artist does a great job capturing the essence of a wedding through- you guessed it- the wedding cake!  For most parties the cake is the highlight of the event and it is specially chosen by the couple.  To commemorate those memories, one unique artist decided to make a special handcrafted memento of the wedding cake and turn it into a miniature version that they can keep for the years to come.    Continue reading “Teeny Tiny Wedding Cake”

Swiss Army Knife Tiny House


For those looking to minimize all the clutter in their lives, look no further!  This action packed foldable tiny house has everything you could possibly need when going tiny.  How is this even possible?  With a lot of creating configurations and a brilliant engineer, this tiny house has allowed for tiny living to be more accessable for everyone.

Continue reading “Swiss Army Knife Tiny House”