Innovative Housing Solution: Micro Pods

This seemingly simple concrete tube may not look exciting, but it is a step forward in micro housing- an innovative solution to housing crisis.  In large and overpopulated areas such as Hong Kong, housing prices are skyrocketing and for those looking for an affordable place to live, this pod may be the answer.  With its simple, yet modern design, this tiny house maximizes on space with clever space saving solutions and embraces the tiny house philosophy of “less is more”.   Continue reading “Innovative Housing Solution: Micro Pods”


Train Turned Tiny House

All aboard!  This awesome tiny house might look a bit different than most tiny houses and that is because this tiny house was once a train.  Using some creativity and ingenuity, this old train got a major upgrade.  Once part of a running train, this old shell was upcycled into a place that is now called home.  Curious to see how this transformation took place?  Look no further, as we delve into the history of this once running train carriage. Continue reading “Train Turned Tiny House”

The Truck Surf Hotel

Are mobile hotels the way to go? This large truck has been converted into a two story hotel that can accommodate a modest amount of guests for a very memorable vacation.  For those looking for some quality beach time and want to experience different surf spots everyday  but do not want the hassle of figuring out transportation, this truck hotel might be the answer to your dreams. Continue reading “The Truck Surf Hotel”

Spring Cleaning for the Self

Self-care is something we often forget to do in our busy lives.  With the amount of responsibility we have to the heavy workloads, it is hard to find time for ourselves in the mix.  Spring is here and now is the perfect time to do a bit of cleaning in our lives from donating our old items, to organizing our digital space and taking time to recharge ourselves. Continue reading “Spring Cleaning for the Self”

New Method For Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here!  Now is the perfect time to tidy up around the house and do some spring cleaning.  From that mystery pile in the closet to that old television you swore you would donate three months ago, there is an quick method that is great to practice that will help you get rid of the clutter and usher in the new season. Continue reading “New Method For Spring Cleaning”

Tiny Modern Conestoga Wagon

Giddy up y’all and get ready for the ride of your life.  This tiny house may be giving you Little House On The Prairie vibes, but this little wagon holds a much larger meaning.  Nicknamed the “Unity Wagon”, this tiny abode hopes to bring people together.  With its all-encompassing message and its unique design this tiny house is sure to draw people in!  Continue reading “Tiny Modern Conestoga Wagon”

5 Reasons to Fall In Love with Tiny Living

Tiny living is more than just downsizing your house, it is a lifestyle change that can be a catalyst for positive change in your life and allow you to focus on what is really important to you.  As a tiny house enthusiast, tiny living offers great benefits that can enrich and offer a new perspective in your life.  Here are some great benefits tiny living can do to enrich your life! Continue reading “5 Reasons to Fall In Love with Tiny Living”

5 Romantic Tiny Getaways

Romance is in the air with Valentines Day just around the corner,  it is time to treat you and your partner to a sweet mini vacation.  Even if it is just for the weekend, a little bit of time away is a great way to reaffirm your affections for one another and let the stress of every day life melt away. Even better, these tiny house hotels are the perfect way to enjoy each others company and try out tiny living at the same time. Ready for a romantic getaway tiny edition? Continue reading “5 Romantic Tiny Getaways”

5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Ringing in the New Year is exciting and a great way to reflect on the memories we have made these last past twelve months.  And as the new year approaches we often think of ways to make sure this new year will be able to top the previous year thanks to our many resolutions.  Although they are easy to make- it is the follow through that makes us cringe a bit.  Here are some easy tips and trick to turn your resolutions into reality!

Continue reading “5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions”

Tiny House Resort

The holidays are almost upon us and maybe you are not quite sure where you want to spend your days relaxing.  Living it up in a tiny house resort is a unique and exciting opportunity to try out tiny living before you commit or just a new way to experience the holidays.  Either way it is a great getaway for any nature lover and anyone interested in the tiny house movement.

Continue reading “Tiny House Resort”