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Tiny Light Bulb Hacks

Tiny living is all about reusing and recycling old material on hand.  Turning old unusable items and repurposing it into something completely new is an environmentally conscious way to live.  Not only do you shrink your carbon foot print, you … Continue reading

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5 Tiny Living Hacks For Pegboards

Pegboards are amazingly versatile and perfect for tiny home owners looking for creative and unique solutions to add storage and display their personal belongings in an organized and stylish way.  Not only do they make use of your vertical space, … Continue reading

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Best Room Dividers For Your Tiny House

Room dividers, privacy screens and partitions are all great ways to create a sense of privacy in a small space.  These useful dividers can assist in designating defined living spaces that suits your needs and lifestyle in a tiny house. … Continue reading

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Tiny House Library

Love your books and parting with them would break your heart? I know that tiny living equals downsizing, but how can you choose between your favorite novels?  It just seems impossible to downsize your large collection of your favorite stories. … Continue reading

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Best Tiny House YouTube Channels

I love watching tiny house shows, but I am not going to lie- sometimes all I want to do is see the end result.  I find that these tiny house YouTube channels offer me the best of both worlds, the … Continue reading

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Alternative Tiny Houses

There are lots of different options when downsizing and if you are intrigued by the tiny lifestyle there are plenty of ways to tailor tiny living to suit you.  Perhaps you live near a large body of water and want … Continue reading

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