Swiss Army Knife Tiny House

For those looking to minimize all the clutter in their lives, look no further!  This action packed foldable tiny house has everything you could possibly need when going tiny.  How is this even possible?  With a lot of creating configurations and a brilliant engineer, this tiny house has allowed for tiny living to be more accessable for everyone.

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Tiny Rooftop House

This beautiful coastal beach house gives you major cape-cod vibes with its wooden shingled exterior to the clean white french doors.  You could imagine yourself leaving the windows open to enjoy some fresh salty sea breeze air, but you might be a bit surprised when the view out your window is not the ocean, but instead a bustling Manhattan.  Searching for a space of solitude and space to relax and get away from it all?  Look no further than this quaint tiny house five stories above the streets of Manhattan, New York. Continue reading “Tiny Rooftop House”