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Towing a Tiny House

Tiny mobile homes are a great option for homeowners on the move- whether it be for their job or for pleasure.  One important aspect of a mobile tiny house is deciding what vehicle would best be suited for towing your … Continue reading

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Tiny House Slide Outs

Want more room in your tiny house but do not want to add extra square footage?  Seems impossible!  Thankfully I know the perfect compromise that will allow you to have the perfect tiny house of your dreams and give you … Continue reading

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Mobile Versus Foundation Tiny House

Within tiny houses, there are two main types.  Mobile meaning it was built on a trailer bed as the foundation and therefore can be hitched up to a vehicle and is movable.  Tiny houses with a foundation is similar to … Continue reading

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Cooking In a Tiny House

Debating on what type of stove top would be perfect for your tiny house?  Have no fear, let us break down stove top options that will fit your tiny house’s needs. First you need to be honest with yourself.  Are … Continue reading

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