Digital Spring Cleanse

A new season has commenced and I am excited and ready for spring!  Besides physically cleaning house, there is our digital world that might need some tidying up.  Do not worry, I am not saying to get rid of all your apps on your phone or to stop checking social media.  But you may have more clutter than you think in your online world that you may not even realize.  Here is to a a great digital spring clean!

When I think of a digital spring clean, I think of e-mail, social media, text messages, everything you do online that creates a digital footprint.  Here are a few tips I put together to help cleanse your online world and make it tidier.


Your smart phone is probably riddled with all sorts of apps from music playing ones to social media and more.  One easy way to get organized and less stressed is by making sure when you first open up your phone you can see (some of) your background photograph.  Just like going through your old clothes and determining if you really need it, go through your apps and ask yourself truthfully, how often do you use it and is it necessary.  Deleting an app does not mean it is gone forever, if you really want or miss that app, you can always download it again! Also, take advantage of creating folders for all the apps you need and create broad enough labels that it can hold multiple apps in the same category.


We all know that bright red bubble with a number on it from all the unread messages in your inbox.  And you promise to yourself that you will get through them- eventually.  But that little red pop-up never seems to go away and the number inside it only seems to grow.  One great way to help digitally cleanse is to de-clutter your email.  I know it may take some time, but reading through all those emails, sorting it into the correct folder and deleting the old ones can really make your life a whole lot easier.  Yes, it may take some time and patients but it is totally worth the effort knowing that your inbox is not flooded and the red bubble is gone (for now).


Another great way to spruce up your laptop and mobile phone is changing up your desktop background photo.  There are lots of awesome free unlicensed photos by photographers that are high quality and beautiful.  Check out sites like Pixabay or  Morguefile for inspiration.  Or take it yourself!  If you have a really great photograph that you would love to see every day, make it your background so that it will brighten up your day.

Upload Old Photos

You know your camera rolling on your smart devices (i.e. phone, tablet, laptop) is bursting with photographs from cute photos of your dog, to selfies, to an album dedicated to last summer.  Do yourself a favor and upload all those photos to a USB drive or store them away in a digital cloud.  Here is any easy step-by-step tutorial by Bright Hub that shows you how to do so.  Not only will it clear up your memory on your phone, but it will make you feel more organized!  No need to worry about not having enough memory because it is all taken care of.

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