New Method For Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here!  Now is the perfect time to tidy up around the house and do some spring cleaning.  From that mystery pile in the closet to that old television you swore you would donate three months ago, there is an quick method that is great to practice that will help you get rid of the clutter and usher in the new season.

Whether you live in a mansion or a tiny house, staying tidy is not easy.  We are busy people that do not have time to always keep everything organized and tidy.  When it is time for that deep spring clean, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and frustrating to wade through the emotional attachments we put on our items, even though we may not need it in our lives anymore.  That sad moment when you realize it is time to donate or recycle something that has been in your life for a long time can sometimes be a struggle.  Therefore, I recommend using this practical and easy method that can really make spring cleaning easier for you.

The mystery method that I believe can change your life is called the “KonMari” method.  Created by Marie Kondo- best selling author and lifestyle expert, this method is a cluttering technique that is founded from Japanese values that believe you should surround yourself that spark joy in your life.  This simple, yet useful technique makes it easier to allow you to part with all the material items you surround yourself with and realize you do not need a lot to be happy.

This method goes hand in hand with the tiny house mentality.  Part of the reason many people downsize is to be financially sound and be able to live life through experiences rather than things.  It is easy to accumulate a lot of materialistic items from new clothes to the latest makeup products or video games, but it is important to get to the heart of what really makes you happy.  Does what you surround yourself with make you happy?  Or is it who you surround yourself with make you happy?  Figuring that out will hopefully get you one step closer to the pursuit of happiness.

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