Whiskey Inspired Tiny House

The Honey on the Rock Tiny House by Carpenter Owl @carpenterowl #tinyhouse  #architecture #home #micro #nature #tinyhomes #architect #house #modern  #green #tinyh…To join in on the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, this tiny house takes whiskey- the drink of choice for some to a whole new level.  Inspired by a family heirloom whisky still, this tiny house integrates ingenuity and fun with its unconventional materials.  This house is definitely equipped to party with its large upper outside deck with a cool surprise element that really brings the party to life.


In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, this tiny house embodies the festive, partying and drinking loving spirit that you can toast to.  Named Honey On Rocks, this tiny house was created by Carpenter Owl located in Bloomington, Indiana.  The purpose of this tiny house was to pay homage to a family heirloom- a whiskey still which was integrated into the build.  In addition, this tiny house was to be a vacation home, a fun loving place to relax and let loose.  The total cost of this tiny house was $85,000 and it weighed around 11,000 pounds.  As for dimensions, this tiny house is 22 feet long, 8.5 feet wide and 13.5 feet high.  The wood used for this tiny house build was both walnut with a cedar trim.


The family heirloom, the whiskey still is concealed inside a copper table with a wooden stove on top.  The house has a nice cozy feel and is decorated with exposed copper and wooden lamps giving it a comfortable natural cabin like feel.  Alongside the kitchen is an a small bathroom with a shower and composting toilet.  Next door is the living room equip with a storage cabinet and wood burning stove.  Thanks to a storage saving staircase, homeowners have access to the upstairs which leads to the lofted bedroom.  From the bedroom, there is a lovey outdoor deck for entertaining purposes, which can also be accessed from a handy spiraled staircase.

Amazing Beautiful The Honey on the Rock Tiny Home – Usa | Living Design For  A Tiny House - YouTube

On this upper deck, there is a neat folding table that can seat up to a total of four people as well as the crowning jewel, an outdoor hot tub!  One neat thing to mention is that the upper deck can fold down to reveal the hot tub and be covered when not in use.  This hot tub luxury is a  cool element to add to any deck and will be a hit for any future parties you can host!  Even better, this tub is not going anywhere.  So for those clear starry nights, a soak in the hot tub might just be the perfect way to unwind and relax after a chaotic day.

Want to see more? Take a tour!

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