Tiny House on Stilts


The tiny house movement has taken root internationally!  Although many of the times I feature tiny houses in the United States, there are plenty of tiny houses across the globe.  This unique tiny house is located in Vietnam and stands out for its simplistic and modern structure, hidden among trees thanks to the fact that it was built with long stilt legs.  


The purpose of this build was to create an affordable house that is able to make the house dweller feel immersed with nature.  Created by architect Chu Văn Đông,  this tiny house named the Forest House serves as an outstanding example on how these tiny houses can allow people to not only live in the remote forest but to be a part of this beautiful lush forest located in the Sóc Sơn District, 30.6 km or 19 miles outside of Hanoi, Vietnam.


This tiny cabin in the woods is 129 square feet or 12 square meters and rests on two stilts.  In fact, the plan is two build two more tiny houses within this forest landscape.  The inspiration for this design was rather poetic, as the architect wanted to design a wooden structure perched on a sloping hill overlooking the forest around it.  In fact, the interior of the tiny house is built with local pine wood and is supported with two large steel pillars located in the front of the house.  It also boasts of a giant floor to ceiling glass wall located in the front of the house, giving the home owner a beautiful look out point of the greenery.

Although this tiny cabin may be small, it can fit two people comfortably.   There is a wood burning stove which can be lit at night to warm up the tiny house.  And the bed serves a multi functional purpose as a bench during the day, located close to a window for some natural light.  There is also a large wooden table top that can be used for a dining or desk table top, depending on your needs.  The final price of this tiny house build was $3,000 USD, which is a very affordable price for those looking to downsize and save money.
Check this tiny house out for yourself!



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