Invisible Tiny House

Ever wish you had the superpower to become invisible and disappear for a couple of hours, well now is your chance to just do that!  Introducing the latest and greatest tiny house invention, the invisible tiny house!  Not only can this tiny house shield you from view and revel in the beauty of nature as well as sustain a eco-friendly lifestyle that allows for an appreciation of nature and environmental sustainability.

The official name of this tiny house is called Casa Invisible and was created by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects.  This house is prefabricated which means it is easy to set up with no hassle and can be delivered which is great for convenience purposes. In order to turn this tiny house invisible, there are glass walls that make up this tiny house that have reflective large mirrored surfaces on the exterior of the tiny house that seamlessly reflect nature and the outside surroundings.  This tiny house is customization on the interior depending on the owner’s preferences and style choices.  The overall feel of the house is very modern and sleek offering a minimalism lifestyle.  This house was designed to not only be one with nature, but to also to reduce energy waste and create a smaller carbon footprint.

The dimensions of this tiny house measures to 11.5 feet wide and spans 47.5 feet long which allows for a separate bedroom space (not lofted) which is a great option for homeowners looking for a floor level bedroom.  There also is a full kitchen, bathroom and multi-functional living space for a dining and family room.  Although the interior may be small, the house encourages the use of outdoor space by having a wall that opens up on the side of the house that is perfect to access a large deck or patio space.


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