Wild-West Tiny House


For those looking for a sense of adventure and a big fan of the Wild West, now is your chance to make those dreams a reality.  Hailing from California, this tiny house is perfect for anyone ready to “rough it” in this sleepy little west coast town.  With its charming dusty wooden front porch to its large sheriff star mounted to the front, this house is sure to take you back to a time when the west was wild and untamed.


Located in Pioneer Town California, this tiny house was built in 1947 as a movie set by a group of Hollywood investors.  Even more exciting, this property is on the market and could be yours for only $120,000!  With its larger than life front facing facade and roughly hewed porch beams, this little tiny house could be mistaken for a old time sheriff’s office or a wild-west saloon.  The only thing that is missing from this porch is the classic wooden hitching post for a cowboy to tie his horse out front before fetching a cool drink inside.  But never fear, this tiny house includes a near by corral to leave your trusty steed.

Although this tiny house may only be 150 square feet, inside there is a comfortable sleeping loft and downstairs lounging area that can be perfect for hanging out.  The covered porch outside is perfect for entertaining guest and enjoying the view of nature on the stoop of your own house.  This tiny house gives you the real life old-time experience as it lacks plumbing, but for those with an adventurous spirit and a bit of creativity, one can easily manage with a camper stove and a compositing toilet.  One plus of the house includes a solar energy system.  And although the house may be tiny, the property that comes with the house is 2.65 acres  which is a generous amount of land!


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