Tiny Modern Conestoga Wagon


Giddy up y’all and get ready for the ride of your life.  This tiny house may be giving you Little House On The Prairie vibes, but this little wagon holds a much larger meaning.  Nicknamed the “Unity Wagon”, this tiny abode hopes to bring people together.  With its all-encompassing message and its unique design this tiny house is sure to draw people in! 


At a first glance, this tiny house is sure to embrace the nostalgic old-time feel of a traveling Conestoga wagon but translates beautifully into a modern design with its play on shapes and wood finishes.  Created by artist Steve Areen, his inspiration for creating this “unity wagon” was through his friends who own an organic farm and encourage visitors from around the world to visit, live in harmony with nature and enjoy communal living.  The name of this inspiring place is called Yandoit Farm and that is where the tiny house is currently parked at.


Using circles for the entire design of the house gives a sense of togetherness, peace and harmony.  Besides wanting this tiny house to be multi functional and environmentally friendly, creator Steve Areen also had another unique goal in mind.  To keep this tiny house fun.  He noted that it was often that tiny house designs are focused on maximizing space, efficiency, self-sufficiency, it is important to remember about the reason for going tiny.  Downsizing and living in a tiny house allows you to enjoy what life has to offer and for him as a artist and designer, it excited him to create this curvy tiny house that was unique and playful.


This beautifully crafted tiny house took a lot of time and effort due to the recycled material used (all discarded and warped pieces taken from a mill) and re-purposed carefully to side the interior and exterior of the house.  Looking closely you can see different shades of wood that make up the house, this is because many different types of wood from spotted gum, red gum, burnt ash and many more were all lovely pieced together allowing for the multiple pieces to shine.


Built on a 5 X 10 trailer, this tiny house boosts of comfort and ability entertain guest too!  With a two facing bench that can seat up to seven people and a large loft bed that can also accommodate you and a guest.  Another cool feature is a half rounded deck that you can sit on and enjoy the view of nature or if its a lazy day, lounge on the one-of-a-kind rounded window seat.

Take a tour of this tiny wagon here!

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