Tiny Starbucks

Get ready coffee lovers and look out because a tiny Starbucks might be a familiar sight near you!  This all-popular chain is hopping on the tiny house trend opening a new type of Starbucks in a tiny scale.  This just make getting your morning cup of jo a whole lot more convenient.  Curious to learn more?  


These tiny Starbucks are about the size of a two car garage and even better news, they are sustainable! Creating from old shipping containers, these tiny stores are 450 square feet and serve as a perfect tiny drive thu stop on your commute to work.   Even better, these tiny stores can fit in small spaces that a normal brick and mortar store would not.


In fact, this idea all began in 2012 when Starbuck’s Seattle headquarters noticed old shipping containers in a shipping yard and dreamed of creating a sustainable solution to reuse the old containers.  Not only is an eye opening movement on how company’s can benefit and become sustainable, but it also shows how a bit of creativity can go a long way!




Look out, because these tiny Starbucks were such a hit, the company has alread decided to expand to 45 stores nation wide.  One of its biggest feats was taking a giant crane and moving one of these tiny houses to a new location less than a mile away!  This tiny Starbucks was located in Northglenn, Colorado and the whole process to approximately three weeks.  Crazy right?

Here are some more amazing tiny Starbucks with different designs that just might be built near you!






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