Swiss Army Knife Tiny House

For those looking to minimize all the clutter in their lives, look no further!  This action packed foldable tiny house has everything you could possibly need when going tiny.  How is this even possible?  With a lot of creating configurations and a brilliant engineer, this tiny house has allowed for tiny living to be more accessable for everyone.

This tiny house was dreamed up by talented Italian engineer and architect, Leonardo Di Chiara.  His vision was to create a empty, yet transformable space that had a minimalist and clean feel.  This in turn brought to life aVoid tiny house- a 96 square foot tiny house with a crisp white interior mimicking an empty void.  As simplistic as this interior looks, there are strategically placed drawers, a fold out bed, chairs and even a table placed into the walls.  There is even some outdoor space, thanks to a hidden ladder that leads to a rooftop deck!

Besides creating a neat multi-functional space to live in, this tiny house is in a sense a sort of project that hopefully will bring social awareness in dealing with housing policies- as many tiny houses are not recognized as residential homes.  Furthermore, this is a great example of how tiny houses does not mean living limited and small lives.

Take a tour the Swiss Army Knife Tiny House here!

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