Finding Parking Space for A Tiny House

The best thing about a tiny house is having the ability to bring your home with you wherever you may go.  This is great for those that have to travel a lot for their jobs, live out of their suitcases or just love to see more of the world!  But as great as mobile tiny houses are to hitch up to the back of your truck and go, often times finding a legal place to park your tiny house can sometimes be a big problem.

Part of the problem stems from the fact that the tiny house movement is a relatively new concept and therefore  a lot of states do not recognize tiny houses.  It is difficult to regulate a building structure that zoning laws and building codes have not quite caught up to yet.  Although there is a lot of interest in tiny living, the government and individuals still get confused about zoning codes and regulations  (what can be built and what cannot).  Even more complex, zoning regulations differ state by state which makes it hard for tiny home owners to figure out if it is alright to park their tiny house in certain areas for either long or short term stays.

Thankfully, a new online site was created to sift through all this confusion.  Try It Tiny is the answer to creating an online community that clears up the chaos of trying to find a parking spot for your tiny house.  This awesome site has listings that covers over forty states!  Even better, it includes all tiny house dwellings from mobile tiny houses on wheels, to small cottages, RVs, and school buses.

This all encompassing and helpful site can help you find land listings, tiny houses for rent and more!  This is also great for those interested in trying tiny living out.  The website is easy to use and allows you to use filters to make the search easier from choosing parking spaces with electric hookups to water hookups and landscaping views from the wilderness to the sea.