Rent a Teeny-Tiny House

Traveling on a budget, no problem!  This tiny house has you covered, not only is it portable, but it is super affordable for anyone looking for a quick place to crash for the night. Not only is it easy on the budget, but this little house has a lot of  little quirks and surprises up its sleeves, perfect for any travelers looking for an adventure.

Measuring only one square meter or ten square feet, this tiny house is located in Berlin, Germany.  Created with the ingenuity of architect Van Bo-Le Mentzel this tiny house was a social experiment of sorts- a way to create an efficient small house that could meet an individual’s most basic needs.

The affordability of this house is very attractive for travelers on a budget.  The cost per night is actually only one euro equating to about $1.12 per night USD, but due to Airbnb’s 10 euros per night minimum, its rental price is listed as $12 USD.  If you do choose this tiny house, you will be paid back the difference during the stay.

The house is equip with a wooden waterproof material (so perfect for staying warm and dry in the cold weather) and has a lockable slide-door.  in addition, there is also a small desk that can snugly fit your laptop or a few essential items.  When it is time to go to bed, you simply turn the house onto its side.  But beware! For those any taller than 5 feet seven inches or 1.75m, it can be a bit of a squeeze.  There are wheels attached to the bottom of this tiny house making it easy to move the house wherever you may choose within the city.  Technically it is even small enough to fit into the Berlin Metro car (but this is not allowed according to subway regulations).

This housing makes you ponder how much space do you actually, physically need in order to be warm, have some privacy and have a place to sleep at night?  Is minimalism the answer to finding true happiness?  For some people, this stripped down lifestyle might make sense of all the clutter and mayhem that trumps our everyday lives.  As most tiny houses go, this one definitely takes it to the extreme in terms of square footage, but never fear this is a great temporary option for those who are sick of sharing a room or living in a hostel and just want some peace and quiet.