Tiny House Castle


Castles are beautiful, fantastical and wondrous.  Not only are they stuff of fairy tales and legends, they embody a sense of adventure, fantasy and a bit of magic.  This one-of-a-kind tiny house was born from ingenuity and a lot of creativity and melded these two worlds to create a the perfect fantasy inspired tiny castle.  


This tiny castle’s home base is in New Zealand where couple Justin and Jola felt the desire to create a tiny house that embodied their love for an active lifestyle as well as integrate an indoor, outdoor flow vibe.  Their unique castle home is built on a truck that is designed to fold out and transform into a fantasy castle.  Not only did they want to create an indoor-outdoor vibe, they wanted to keep their build environmentally friendly.  In doing so, they made sure to reuse old material such as recycled power poles for their counter space and install solar panels on their roof.


When hitting the road, this castle truck can neatly fold up and be ready to rock and roll.  In fact, the roof has the ability to retract and the sides of the walls have the ability to fold in, easy and reliable for on the go travel!  Even better, this tiny house meets all the minimum road requirements and clearance making it hassle free when traveling across the country.

Kitchen                                                                                          Bedroom Loft                             http://read.bi/2iik6c5

As for inside, this tiny house boasts of multiple levels.  the first floor has a spacious kitchen, dining table, desk and lounge area with a couch.  Even better, there are retractable floor to ceiling windows that help bring in lots of natural light and create a sense of flow bringing the outdoors inside.  There is also a raised sleeping loft that provides a sense of privacy for the sleeping quarters.  Even more magical, the wallpaper for the bedroom is made up of old song books containing music and lyrics regarding tranquility, love, and sleep.

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