Tour a Tiny Firehouse

Firefighters have always been looked up to and admired for their bravery and along with their admirable traits they are easily spotted in their bright red truck with their loud sirens.  Lucky for us, the two world collide as a Georgia couple have found a way to meld their passion for firefighters and their love for the tiny house community.  As a tribute to firefighters and first respondents, this couple created a tiny firehouse perfect for hitting the road and showcasing what fire safety is all about.

Husband and wife John and Fin Kernohan are no strangers to the tiny house community.  In fact they have been living in their 304 square foot off-the-grid tiny house called Beloved Cabin for over five years now which they built by hand  (impressive right?).  What catapulted their inspiration for building a tiny firehouse was John’s admiration for firefighters and passion for all things tiny .  From there, a light bulb moment happened and the couple realized how they could bring his passion to life via a tiny house.  The couple built a 148 square foot tiny house in five weeks and showcased it at the largest annual tiny house festival hosted through United Tiny House Association.

This tiny firehouse was built under the advisement of the Chief Fire Department Putnam County.  The idea was to design a tiny house that not only utilized parts from a real fire truck, but also a live model for demonstrating fire safety in a home.  This included creating three exits for the house, displaying a fire extinguisher in an easy to reach location, mounting a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector (near the kitchen).

As for the structure of the house, old antique items from fire houses and fire trucks were donated to help give this tiny firehouse an authentic vibe.  The exterior of the tiny house includes a light bar, horn and PA system for the truck.  Other decor include vintage fire helmets, old houses and fire extinguishers.

Ready to take a tour of this tiny inspired firehouse?