Tiny Living is Not RV Living


Tiny houses are a relatively new concept and as wonderful as they are, some people might wonder what is the difference in RV living and living in a tiny house?  Although the concept might be similar, tiny living and the tiny house community as a whole embodies a sense of both an architectural and social movement.  Tiny living is more than just a place to crash at night, it is embodying certain values and ideals that is essentially living large while going small.  Curious to understand the difference?

To break it down, I have divided tiny living and the tiny house moving concept into multiple categories to give a better overview of why tiny living is not the same as living in an RV.


A Place Called Home

The most fundamental and important reason why RV’s are not tiny houses is the fact that tiny houses are a warm and inviting oasis that is truly home sweet home. A tiny house is the creating of your imagination and passion.  It is a customization shell that you turn into your very own house.  From making architectural decisions to the layout of the space, you have the power to customize your tiny house to fit your lifestyle.  From building a special space for your pet to having a bathtub, the possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination (and budget I suppose). Furthermore, you have access to full or 3/4 size appliances like a fridge, deep sink, and stove. Also there are defined living spaces such as a bedroom loft, kitchen, family/dining room, etc.
Environmental Factor


A tiny house is more environmentally friendly than an RV.  Not only do they have a much smaller carbon footprint, but they can have off-the-grid capabilities that make them more eco-friendly that can utilize nature to assist in powering the tiny house.  These range from installing solar panels to rain cache systems, wind turbines, and more!  You also have the option to upcyle, DIY and reuse old material that not only save money, but make use of old material that would have been thrown away.


Weather Protection & Insulation

Tiny houses are much more capable of facing harsh conditions because of the customization capability.  For instance, if you live in a much colder climate that deals with a lot of snow or rain, you can choose materials that would be more durable and reliable to face these conditions.  In addition, tiny houses are well-insulated, which makes heating and cooling a tiny house much more effective and helpful for living in a small space.