Most Expensive Tiny Smart House

Technology offers us the world at our fingertips and with reliance on tech, we have seamlessly been integrating smart technology to make our lives easier.  Some tiny house companies are picking up on this trend and have begun integrating smart tech with tiny living.  From a smart door lock to smart phone controlled amenities, tiny living has gotten a whole lot more convenient.

The Covo Mio tiny house is a tiny tech friendly home that boosts of luxurious amenities and high tech gear perfect for anyone who loves technology.  This Portland, Oregon based tiny house company focused on designing a tiny house that integrates tiny living with smart technology.

These include installing 2.4 amp USB charging ports in convent places to charge up your laptop or phone.  And integrating smart technology that allows you to control your tiny home’s lighting, heating, and security all on your cell phone.  In addition, there are built in stereo speakers to offer surround sound- which is perfect for entertaining too.


Interesting in seeing the tiny home in action? Check out this video!