Historical Tiny House


Are you a history buff who would love to re-enact your favorite parts of history?  Tiny houses just might be the perfect solution to merge history with tiny. With a  bit of creativity and a lot of passion this Florida historian took tiny living to the next level.  Motivated by her love of history, yet tired of fighting the natural elements with tarps and damp furniture, the idea of a unique tiny house was created that would serve duel purposes. 

Inspired by the Victorian era, this historical tiny house was built with a lot of care and  purpose.  A reminder of the past and a way to serve as a live example of the architectural style of homes back in the day.  Historian Shorty Robbins built this tiny home with her own to hands as a solution to creating a special house that would fit into the Civil War Era she was trying to recreate and seamlessly serves as a prop for her historically accurate re-enactments of the war.


Prior to the creation of her tiny house, Robbins would spend hours recreating and building her family’s campsite for re-enactment events like Florida’s Brooksville Raid and the Battle of Olustee, from 1864.  Her enthusiasm quickly waned after her sets which included tents fully furnished with beds, carpets and dishes would be soaked in major downpours that took hours to set up.  Exhausted and out of options, her daughter-in-law introduced her to the idea of tiny houses.


Armed with a renewed passion, Robbins built her tiny house with her own two hands from the flatbed of a trailer.  She even taught herself how to install all the plumbing within the house.  She was determined to build the house as historically accurate as possible and even has a wood-burning stove in her tiny house.

Curious to see more?  This tiny house has its own Facebook page