Tiny House Wedding


Planning a wedding is always a challenge, there are so many things to consider and options to choose from it can sometimes be overwhelming.  For this couple, there was only one place to have their wedding and that was in their very own tiny house!  As crazy as that may sound, there really is no better place to be at a wedding than home sweet home.

In Venice Beach, California on May 21, 2016 a couple said “I do” in their very own tiny home.  This special tiny house even has its own name and blog called, The Tiny Canal Cottage which documents the life of Adam Winkleman and Whitney Morris along with their son and two canine companions.  These tiny house owners have been living in their 362 square foot cottage cottage for over five years and have enjoyed the experience of tiny living.  In fact, The Tiny Canal Cottage has served as Whitney’s home base, office, and consulting studio- talk about living large in such a small space!

As for their wedding, this tiny house couple said their vows on the stoop of their tiny cottage while their sixty guest watched surrounding them from both within the house and outside.  The idea was to create a casual look that would highlight the beauty of Venice and enjoy the outdoors surrounded by friends and family.  Best of all, the wedding was budget friendly as the venue was hosted in their own home and the decor was made with upcycled material and DIYed.  Furthermore, the couple got creative offering a DIY mimosa stand and created their own arrangements after hitting up the farmers market for fresh flowers.


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