Transformable Tiny House Camper

Interesting in going tiny, but love the water?  Here is a cool solution that can do both!  Introducing the Sealander Camper.  This tiny camper is a genius solution to enjoy both land and sea.  Need a couple of days to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life?  No problem, just hitch this tiny camper up to your vehicle and enjoy the outdoors for a few days.

The Sealander camper was built by a German-based company that was meant to serve a dual purpose, be a camper on wheels for land and become a little boat to enjoy some sailing on the seas.  The camper weighs around 1,100 pounds and has a useful convertible polyester top, along with a fold out table, and enough seating for a total of six people (that can also turn into beds).   The cost of this camper is around $17,000 but it can be customization to your needs.  For instance there is an option to ad an onboard stove, sink, shower, toilet, and even LED lights.  Here is a useful brochure that lays out the specs for you to delve into.

As for the boat capabilities, when in the water, the Sealander can go 5.6 miles per hour (not bad for a nice sailing day) and there is also an attached stainless steel ladder which is great for climbing back up onto the boat once you are done exploring and swimming.

Take a look at the Sealander for yourself!