Tiny Backyard Office


Love the idea of going tiny and want to incorporate it in your life?  Building a separate space away from your house where you can get in the zone and stay focused is a great way to stay productive and experience what tiny living is all about!  A tiny office or work space in you backyard can be the first step to introducing you to tiny living and can boost your success.

Working from home is becoming a popular trend.  As technology has become more advance, people are able to have the luxury to work from home and conference call in.  But with convenience comes a sense of responsibility to keep yourself productive and focused for the day.  Building a tiny office in your backyard to make working from home easier and more successful for your career.  Not only can a separate work space help create a designated work space, but it can also make it easier to have boundaries between your “home life” and “work life”.

Even better news is that a tiny backyard office can be built for you in just four hours!  Sett Studio is a construction company that specializes in DIY backyard offices.  These tiny offices are made with sustainable material (environmentally conscious) and are only 96 square feet.  They offer two different models, one being Novia complete and Novia DIY.  The complete one comes with two different types of siding a white ceder or a black ceder to give the office a modern, yet sleek design  The Novia DIY model on the other hand is more customization allowing you to design your own unique style to make the tiny office to your liking.  Even better, the DIY model is convenient as it can be shipped to your home!  Can’t decide which model will suit your lifestyle?  Check out this neat quiz that can find the perfect tiny office for your backyard!

Here is a great video that describes these tiny offices in detail!