Cool Stairs for a Tiny House

To save space, tiny houses often have ladders to climb up to the loft space.  Although ladders do save on space, it is not for everyone.  Some people absolutely abhor the idea of climbing up and down ladders every time they want to go to their bedroom, while others  want their tiny house to be more pet friendly.  There are lots of options to put stairs in your tiny house that can not only be multi functional, but a cool way to go up and down your tiny house loft without a hassle.

One interesting stair case that does not take up much space and has a interesting circular shape is a spiral staircase.  The treads on the staircase are positioned on a vertical post and are convenient to climb up and down.  To get even more creative, you can have the stairs pull back into the wall (as seen below) attached to the bookcase bolted to the wall.  Have it swivel out and steps locked into place when you need it and push it away out of sight when not in use!  Check out Salter Spiral Stair to customize your own spiral stair case to fit your tiny house!

An alternative tread staircase is another space-saving option for tiny home owners.  It is perfect to squeezing in in a small space and its forward facing design is perfect to assist in the steep incline you face going up.  The trick to going up these stairs is alternating your feet in order to hit each tread.  Best of all, you can DIY your own staircase.  This is a great website that takes you step-by-step from the measurements to the painting and illustrates how to build one from scratch.

Stairs that offer storage is a creative solution that solves two problems in a tiny house.  This type of stairs is modeled after the Japanese Tansu style steps– which is a lovely set of steps with storage hidden underneath.  This type of stairs do take up more space in your tiny house, as they are generally large square like boxes stacked upon one another in a staggered pattern to create an upward incline.  But on the bright side, you can add lots of interesting sized storage space underneath that can fit clothes, gear, and other necessities.  Here is a great building site that takes you through the process of building this type of stairs!

A folding staircase is a great way to have a staircase and put it away when not in use!  This type of staircase is quite popular with attic spaces and essential works the same way.  The stairs are built in sections with hinges and springs to make it easy to move it.  This type of staircase is very convenient and a smart choice for tiny living. Just be sure to move any large pieces of furniture before pulling the staircase down!