How Art and Creativity Can Benefit Tiny Living

Every wonder how art and furniture can collide?  Thanks to artist and designer Sebastian ErraZuriz, you can see exactly how art can be transformative with a little bit of imagination and a lot of creativity.  This piece of art is sure to peak your curiosity and allow you to marvel at the way structure and pattern meld together in unison to create a very unique and abstract art piece that is sure to capture your attention.

The Wave Cunabinet is a unique piece of art that not only functions as a cabinet, but uses movement and patterns to create a “wave-like” sensation.  Not only is this piece of art a delicacy, but it changes the typical way we look at opening and closing ordinary objects such as a cabinet.  The brilliant mind behind the craftsmanship project is New York artist, Sebastian Erra Zuriz who created a series of functional sculptures as a center piece for attention to rethink the ordinary and think outside the box.  He hopes the art pieces will peak a sense of curiosity and connect with individuals on a deeper level.

As for applying it to tiny living, this beautiful transformative furniture is a creative way to pair functionality with art.  Re-engineering simple pieces such as cabinets and allow it to become a work of art is not only brilliant, but helps cultivate a sense of creativity and imagination.  With a bit of your own creativity, you can DIY furniture that can double as storage or recycle old pieces of furniture and breath some new life into them, the possibilities are endless!  Furthermore, this is a great way to encourage sustainability and environmentalism which is what tiny living is all about.  So go forth and explore to your heart’s content, because you never know, you might just create a work of art.

Interested in seeing the cabinet design in action?  Check out this amazing video that demonstrates the Wave cabinet!