Useful Pet Hacks in a Tiny House

Living with your pet in a tiny house is great!  Not only does your best friend get to wake up with you, but they too can enjoy the comforts of your new home too.  But with a pet comes pet supplies from pet food to leashes and bowls.  All these accessories can be quite extensive- depending on your animal and it is important to make sure to utilize every square inch of your tiny house with enough storage for your stuff and your pet’s!  With a little creativity and a bit of planning, you can customize your tiny house to fit all your pet’s needs.

Adding a toe kick drawer not only utilizes the dead space underneath your kitchen cabinet, but you can also customize it to hold your pet’s food bowl!  It is a great solution for feeding time and can easily tuck away under the cabinets after your pet is done eating his/her meal.  Check out this cool hidden pet food bowl drawer for inspiration or DIY your own here!

For dog owners, a crate can be very large and bulky.  In a tiny house, every square inch needs to be utilized to its fullest extent and having a large metal wired crate in the middle of your family room can be intrusive.  With a bit of outside of the box thinking and a sprinkle of creativity, you can incorporate your dog crate into your existing furniture. For instance, if your tiny house has stairs, you can use some of the space underneath to create a cozy dog house/crate for your pet.  Or have a large and bulky TV console, turn the space under it into a dog crate so your dog can enjoy some quality time in the family room too!  This idea can also be recycled for rabbits or bunnies to give them a spacious crate where they feel safe enough to roam around in and can be put in at night time!

Going tiny with a cat may be a bit easier, especially if your cat is mainly indoors.  But making sure your cat has enough high perches to lounge on is important for your cat’s well-being and a way for them to exercise.  Adding floating bookshelves on the wall in a staggered pattern not only look aesthetically pleasing, but it also utilizes your vertical space.  It also serves as a great way for your cat to have access to your loft!

Fish lovers rejoice, because having a fish equals a bit of creativity.  There are a variety of fish bowl lamps that are not just cool decor pieces, but serve as your fish’s new home.  They are a great conversation piece and useful for any desk or office space in your tiny home.