Heating a Tiny House


As the cool chill of fall slowly creeps up on us, it is time to layer up and take out those plush blankets to stay warm.  A great way to keep your tiny house heated is to invest in a tiny fireplace stove.  Worried about not having enough space?  Never fear, there are adorable small stoves are designed specifically for small spaces!  Come check out these great tiny stoves that can keep your tiny home toasty this fall.

Tiny Wood Stoves is a fantastic company that sells small wood stoves for spaces less than 500 square feet.  This is a perfect fit for tiny houses which want the warmth of a fireplace, but not the size!  The company sells both wood and propane stoves and offer great advice on which would be more well-suited to your lifestyle and living space.  Not only do they keep potential customers well-informed about the types of fire places they sell, but they also offer a generous Q&A section to assist potential clients in picking out the right fireplace that will fit their needs and wants.


Cubic Mini Wood Stoves offer a variety of lightweight stoves to suit small spaces such as boats, cabins and RV’s.  Not only are their stoves constructed with quality material, do not let their small size fool you as they are very durable made with thick laser cut steel.  Not only are they easy to install but they are eco-friendly (a bonus) and produce minimal smoke.


Wall Tent Shop sells a variety of camping stoves which are perfectly light weight and portable, ideal for any tiny house.  Not only can it be moved with ease, these stoves offer the warmth of a regular stove and have the option of being a portable version or a wall version depending on your living situation and convenience.


Jotul is a Norway brand that sells a very small wood stove that is not only super small (12 inches wide and 19 inches deep) but can keep your house nice and warm through the harsh cold winter months.  This is a wood burning stove that is constructed with quality cast iron and has a glass front which offers a clear view of the flames.