Amazon Sells Tiny Houses

Ever wonder what is the strangest thing you could buy on Amazon?  For most of us, Amazon is a must-have in our lives.  From buying a new pair of socks to ordering your favorite book, Amazon has made it convenient to order what we need and get it in a timely fashion to suit our fast-paced lifestyle.  Now for anyone interested in going tiny, here is your chance as Amazon now sells tiny houses!

That is right, you can buy your very own tiny house on Amazon.  MODS International, is a construction company that builds tiny houses from shipping containers.  From their innovative designs to development of the house, MODS International work hard to construct high quality homes that fit your needs. Furthermore, they take care of transportation and can set up your tiny house wherever you are in the U.S. on site.

The company have taken their tiny model structure homes to Amazon and now you have a chance to purchase your own tiny house by MODS International!  The tiny house model sold on Amazon is a cargo shipping container model that retails for $36,000.00 (not including shipping).  This tiny dwelling is a brand new shipping container that is fully furnished (a plus) and contains multiple spaces designated for rooms such as a bedroom, shower, kitchenette and living area.  The dimensions of the home is 360 square feet and has standard side water and electric connections.  Double patio doors are also installed within the house to lead to your future backyard and to add a nice homey touch to your tiny house.  In addition, the house also has heating and A.C. which is perfect for handling any climate!

Check out some lovely pictures of the interior of the cargo shipping container turned tiny house!