Creative Tech Making Tiny Living Possible

The concept of tiny living is expanding and the phrase “micro-living” is beginning to be a reality for many people across America, as cities have become more congested and housing prices have drastically risen.  Technology companies have taken notice and have found opportunity in expanding  their expertise into paring smart technology with tiny spaces.  This has create a bit of a revolutionary start to the merging of technology and furniture.  Interested in learning more? 

Hasier Larrea is the leader of the Architectural Robotics research at the MIT Media Lab has spearheaded a project which merges furniture and technology together and has created a new furniture line called Ori.  This is the beginning of a revolutionary new idea of “smart furniture”.  Partnering with furniture designer Yves Béhar, this smart system would be able to seamlessly integrate furniture with technology.  Ori furniture have the ability to automatically tuck into place thanks to a push of a button and have the capability to be hooked up and controlled by your smart device

With technology developing and integrating itself seamlessly into our every day life, it is a very good possibility that items such as smart furniture will further increase interest and possibility of people downsizing to tiny.  Not only does this make tiny living more convenient, it offers more options for customizing and re-organizing a small space to suit you as well as your family more comfortably.



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