Transformative Furniture for Tiny Living

In furnishing your tiny house, one thing to keep in mind is space.  In such a limited square footage, it is essential to make sure that you have to furnish your tiny house creatively.  There are lots of ways to turn a single space into a multi-functional room that fits your lifestyle and every day needs.   A great way to do so is investing in some innovative transformative furniture that can cleverly tuck away into the wall and offer extra storage.  Curious and want to learn more?  Check out these great companies dedicated to creating transformative furniture!

One great company that creates space saving furniture is Resource Furniture.  They have a great selection of stylish and sophisticated transformable furniture to fit your needs.  These include cool wall/Murphy bed systems that come in multiple styles and sizes to fit your needs from twin, queen, and couches.  Besides bedding, Resource Furniture offers an extensive line of tables for the living room, family room or for game night.  With special collapsible features and hidden storage features, these multi-functional tables are perfect for your tiny house and best of all, save on space!


Expand furniture is another great company that has their own line of wall model transformative furniture ranging from bedding to desks.  These sleek and compact designs were engineered with space-saving in mind and   The also have a wide range of coffee tables that can transform into dining room tables.  This is the perfect solution for tiny living.  Often times, there is only one “large” multi-functional room that serves as the dining, family, lounge, play area, and office area.  Have a large piece of furniture such as a dining room table is great for meal time, but can get in the way for other activities, such as hosting events or indoor exercising.