Exercising in a Tiny House


The benefits of exercising are endless, with plenty of ways to improving your body and mind.    For instance, not only can you lower your risk of hear disease, but there are also practical examples such as reducing stress, increasing your body’s limits physically such as flexibility and  But you might be thinking, how can you exercise indoors in such a tiny space?  You might be surprised to find out it can be easier than  you think.  Interested in learning ways to stay fit and exercise to your leisure in a tiny house?

One great way to stay in shape in a tiny house is to participate in some indoor bicycling.  How is that possible,one might ask?  Thanks to Windstream Power Generator, you can pedal or crank away with your hands on a stationary wheel that simultaneously collecting the generated energy from your exercise.  This device is not only useful for tiny home owners to assist in powering their tiny house, it is also durable (holds up on the wear and tear end) and a small product that can conveniently be tucked away when not in use.

Looking for a simple way to fit in a quick work out?  Try installing foot holds in the wall of your tiny house that leads to your upstairs loft and turn it into a rock climbing wall.  Not only is this a creative and fun way to climb up into your loft, it also eliminates the bulk of a ladder or stairs, freeing up more space in your tiny house.  Here are some useful tutorials and step by step instructions on how to DIY and install your own rock climbing wall.


A great form of exercise that does not require a lot of materials or space is yoga.  With a bit of careful re positioning of the furniture, you can turn your tiny house into a temporary zen yoga studio.  Just grab your yoga mat and make sure you have enough room to stretch and you are good to go.  Still unsure if doing yoga tiny is possible?  Check out these eight great yoga poses that are perfect for tiny spaces.


Basketball lover rejoice, want to practice your free throws inside?  Not a problem with an indoor mini basketball hoop.  Not only can it be easily attached to a door or wall, it does not take up much space and is perfect for a mini workout any time of the day.  Check out Dick’s Sporting Goods for a variety of hoop options that would fit in perfectly with your tiny house.