Engaging the 5 Senses While Living Tiny


Here are some unique ways to put your five sense (sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch) to a good use in an effort to make living in a small space feel bigger than it really is.  Color, lighting, and music are all great ways to trick the brain into thinking your tiny house is much bigger than it actually is.  Have I peaked your curiosity yet?  Come check out these cool ways to engage in your five senses.

1. Sound (benefit of music)


Playing soothing music, from instrumental to sounds of nature helps the body naturally de-stress and even has the added benefit of helping you sleep better.  Hanging speakers in the top corner of your tiny house not only offers you surround sound, but it can also make your tiny house feel much bigger than it really is.  Songs that specifically have between 60-80 BPM contain a slower rhythm and therefore help you fall asleep quicker as well as allow you to sleep more throughout the night.  This gives an overall affect of allow you to feel more rested and more productive throughout the day.

2. Sight (focusing on an appropriate color palette)


Focus on choosing a light color pallet to brighten up your tiny space.  White is always a classic neutral color that helps reflect light and make any small space feel bigger.  Another way to give an optical illusion of a bigger room is focusing on patterns.  By painting the walls or floor using an ombre technique.  Starting with the paint color of your choice in the lightest shade and ending with a darker shade.  This offers a sense of depth and creates a space that seems much larger than it really is.  The finish of the paint is also essential to understand how much gloss and sheen your paint will reflect once up on your walls.

3. Smell (the benefits of aromatherapy)


Invest in your favorite scents.  Yankees candles has a wide variety of scented candles in all shapes and sizes. With the range of scents to choose from, it is easy to find one to suit your mood and occasion.  Aromatherapy candles assist in creating a certain atmosphere and mood depending on how you feel.  Another great way to delve into the senses are essential oils which can sooth the mind and body.  Diffusers are an essential tool to create a calming atmosphere at home and let the mind relax.  From a carefully balanced formula, the essence of a plant of your choice- from lavender to eucalyptus can serve not only to stimulate your senses but help restore a sense of balance back into your life.

4. Taste (cooking fresh is key)


Cooking with fresh ingredients is not only a healthy way to eat, but also a cleaner lifestyle. By planting your own garden and harvesting your own fresh produce, you are bringing healthy living straight from the ground to your plate.  Not only will it taste much better, but it will allow you to be creative in your small space.  Furthermore, it encourages tiny home owners to fully utilize their kitchen and take advantage of every square space within their tiny house.  From using vertical space to create your own hanging garden to finding clever storage solution to hang your pots and pans, eating healthier is the key to minimizing your lifestyle and maximizing your potential.

5. Touch (investing in particular material)


Focus on choosing items that have reflective surfaces, such as mirrored furniture or see-through glass to offer a modern clean finish for a tiny home.  Other great examples include light/semi or sheer curtains to drape your windowsill.  Not only will this offer a sense of privacy, but the cascading material will help brighten up your tiny house and make it seem bigger than it really is.